AAP Backup

The ability to backup and restore your system is integrated into the platform setup playbook. TL;DRSummary: # ./setup.sh -b // backup# ./setup.sh -r // restore# ./setup.s

Ansible Tower - Workflow

Exemple d’un workflow complet : création d’un inventory, d’un projets, d’un job template, d’un playbook et d’un job sous Git. (On considère ici que votre organisation existe déjà ainsi que vos utilisa

Ansible Tower - Organizations

An Organization is a logical collection of Inventories, Teams (and users), Projects, and Jobs, and is the highest level in the Tower object hierarchy. Access the Organizations page by clicking the Or

Ansible and Ansible Tower

Ansible is an IT automation solution and an open-source configuration, deployment, and orchestration tool that integrates with much of technology stack: networking, security, application deployment, s