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lmbasehostid(1)NAMElmbasehostid - remove partition data from an lmhostid SYNOPSISlmbasehostid lmhostid DESCRIPTIONGiven an lmhostid for an arbitrary partition, lmbasehostid will print the lmhostid for


lmcksumNAMElmcksum - print license checksums SYNOPSISlmcksum [ -k ] [ -c license_file ] DESCRIPTIONlmcksum will perform a checksum of a license file. This is useful to verify data entry errors at your


lmdiagNAMElmdiag - diagnostic checkout tool SYNOPSISlmdiag [ -c license_file ] [-n [feature] DESCRIPTIONlmdiag diagnoses problems when license checkout fails. If no feature is specified, lmdiag will


lmdownNAMElmdown - graceful shutdown of all license daemons SYNOPSISlmdown [ -c license_file ] [ -q ] DESCRIPTIONlmdown sends a message to every license daemon asking it to shut down. The license damo


lmgrdlmgrd is the main daemon program for FLEXlm. When you invoke lmgrd, it looks for the license file which contains the information about vendors and features. On Unix systems, it is strongly recomm


lmdiagNAMElmhostid - report the hostid of a system SYNOPSISlmhostid [ -type ] [ -n ] DESCRIPTIONlmhostid calls the FLEXlm version of gethostid and displays the results. The output of lmhostid looks li


lmparthostidsNAMElmparthostids - generate lmhostids for all possible partitions SYNOPSISlmparthostids [ sysid ] DESCRIPTIONWhen executed with an argument, lmparthostids will print the lmhostid for eac


lmremoveNAMElmremove - remove specific licenses and return them to license pool SYNOPSISlmremove [ -c license_file ] { feature user host display } |{ -h feature serverhost port handle } DESCRIPTIONlmr


lmstat(1)NAMElmstat - report status on license manager daemons and feature usage SYNOPSISlmstat [ -a ] [ -A ] [ -c license_file ] [ -i [feature] ] [ -f [feature]] [ -s [server] ] [ -S [DAEMON] ] DESCR


lmrereadNAMElmreread - tells the license daemon to reread the license file SYNOPSISlmreread [ -c license_file ] [ daemon ] DESCRIPTIONlmreread allows the system administrator to tell the license daemo


lmswitchr(1)NAMElmswitchr - switch REPORTLOG file to a new file SYNOPSISlmswitchr [ -c license_file ] feature new-file DESCRIPTIONlmswitchr switches the FLEXadmin REPORTLOG log file to a new file. The


lmutil(1)NAMElmutil - generic FLEXlm utility program. SYNOPSISlmutil [ -c license_file ] utility-program DESCRIPTIONlmutil is the “general-purpose” FLEXlm utility program. Normally, endusers would no


lmver(1)NAMElmver - report the FLEXlm version of a library or binary file SYNOPSISlmver [ filename ] DESCRIPTIONlmver scans the contents of a binary or library file for the FLEXlm version string and d