Raccourcis Blender


Shortcut Explication
Middle Mouse Button Rotating in 3D viewport
Middle Mouse Button + Shift Paning in 3D viewport
Numpad 1, 3, 7 Change between Front, Right and Top views
Numpad 5 Change between Perspective and Orthographic display modes
T Key Open a toolbar on the left
N Key Open a toolbar on the right
N Key + Ctrl Create new Blender file / restart Blender

Object Selection and Transformation Gizmo

Shortcut Explication
A Key Select everything
AA Keys Deselect everything (what also works is Alt + A Key)
B Key Selection Box
B Key + Middle Mouse Button Deselection Box
C Key Selection Circle Tool
NumPad , Key Center View around selection
Shift + C Key Center View (around all visible objects)
Shift + R Key Repeat the last applied operation

Moving, Rotating and Scaling Objects

Shortcut Explication
G Key Grab object and move it around
R Key Rotate object
RR Keys Freelt Rotate object
S Key Scale object
Tab Key Jump down the settings list
Tab + Shift Jump up the settings list
Shift + R Key Repeat the last applied operation

Adding, Deleting and Duplicating Objects

Shortcut Explication
X Key Delete object
Shift + D Key Duplicate object
Shift + A Key Add new object
Ctrl + Z Key undo operation
Ctrl + Shift + Z Key redo operation

Interface and Workspaces

Shortcut Explication
Ctrl + Space full screen mode for the selected workspace
Ctrl + Alt + Space full screen “minimalistic” mode for the selected workspace
Ctrl + Alt + Q Key splits the 3D viewport to 4 views (perspective, top, front, right)

Shading Modes

Shortcut Explication
Z Key launches Pie Menu for choosing Shading Modes
Z Key + Alt enables the “X ray” for some Shading Modes
Z Key + Shift enables Wireframe Shading Mode instantly

Pivot and Orientation Points

Shortcut Explication
. Key launches Pie Menu for choosing Pivot Points
, Key launches Pie Menu for choosing Transformation Orientation

3D Cursor Explained

|Shift + S Key|launches Pie Menu for 3D Cursor and Selection Snapping |

Hiding Objects

Shortcut Explication
H Key hide selected objects
H Key + Alt unhide all selected objects
H Key + Shift hide everything except selected objects
/ Key local view (isolates the selected objects and zooms it, press / again to exit this mode)

Edit Mode Essentials

Shortcut Explication
Tab Key Switches between Object and Edit Modes
1 Key Vertex selection in Edit Mode
2 Key Edge selection in Edit Mode
3 Key Face selection in Edit Mode
O Key Activates the Proportional Editing tool

Extruding and Separating

Shortcut Explication
E Key Activate Extrude Tool in Edit Mode
P Key Separate Meshes in Edit Mode

Joining and Creating Meshes

Shortcut Explication
Ctrl + J Key Joins selected Objects (in Object Mode)
F Key Fills Faces / connets Edges and Verticles in Edit Mode

Deleting and Merging Meshes

Shortcut Explication
X Key activates Delete Tool in Edit Mode (also a simplified version of the tool in Object Mode)
Alt + M Key activates Merge tool in Edit Mode
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